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After I watched this video I was shocked…Not necessarily at the things that were said…But shocked at how brave these kids were for going on camera and saying some of the most misinformed things that I have ever heard.

A student at Brigham Young University recently decided to dress up in black face (*side eye*) and go around asking students on campus what they knew about black history. Now I don’t expect every person of every race to know everything about black history month. But come on when you have people naming Samuel L. Jackson and 50 Cent as historical black figures we have a problem. As a parent I think it’s obvious that everyone should be taught about Black History. But unfortunately, many schools have gotten away from even acknowledging that the month even exists.

This is coincidental to me because during Black History Month I have made a point to make sure that my 7 year old learns as many things as she can about our history and culture that she can. I was actually talking to her tonight, and when I asked her what she was doing she said she was “studying Harriet Tubman and William Shakespear”. She wasn’t doing it for a school assignment, she was doing it because those are two people in history that she wanted to know more about. Since teaching my child about OUR history isn’t a priority in the schools, I think I have to make it a priority at home.

It goes without saying that in today’s world there are stereotypes that are given to people of all races, but some of the things that these people said in this video really made me want to hop through the computer and smack some sense into them.

It’s a shame that such stereotypes still exist…I mean we do have an African American President….RIGHT?


Does this video accurately reflect how America feels about Black History Month?


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