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A Fort Wayne, IN woman went to some extreme measures to punish her 14-year-old son recently.

Dynesha Lax says that she tried all she could to stop her son from committing crimes and decided to try an alternative method of punishment.

After going to court for crimes that he committed, the boy was given a slap on the wrist in the form of community service. Dynesha told her son that he had to stand outside wearing a sign that detailed all of his wrongdoings.

The teenager stood on a neighborhood corner with the sign that read “I lie, I steal, I sell drugs, I don’t follow the law.”

Lax explained that the court system placed her son on probation and made her responsible for over $300 in fees but no one offered a solution to what was going on with him.

Some drivers who saw the teen outside with the sign didn’t think what Lax did to her son was illegal so they called the police and reported her. When police arrived they decided that what the mother was doing was completely legal because the child was in no danger.

When asked about the punishment Dynesha said “I’m hoping that having him out here is going to make it sink in. It wasn’t for it to be a joke or anything funny. He just had to stand out here two hours and suddenly it blew up. Then again they’ve got their way of parenting and I’ve got mine. My object is to save my son.

Sometimes folks need to mind their own damn business! ┬áIf this mother chose to discipline her child by having him stand outside that is her choice. The same people that called the police on her will be the same ones calling the police if he broke into their home and stole some of their property. I’m glad the police made the right call and allowed to discipline her child the way she saw fit.

What do you think?

Was this punishment too severe?



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