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Working in radio for the last 11 years has given me the opportunity to come in contact with a lot of different people and personalities. One of my current co-workers at Radio One in Raleigh is Brian Dawson. Brian is the afternoon jock for Raleigh’s K97.5. He has been in the market for over 10 years. One of the things that Brian brings to the table as an on air personality is his relationship with his children. He is a husband and the father of two boy.

Outside of radio, Brian is also the host of a successful TV show that airs locally entitled “The B. Spot”. On a recent episode of the television show Brian documented his relationship with his oldest son Chase. The two bonded over an NFL football game, spent some time at the radio station making a commercial, and spent time together as Chase ran track, played football and other extracurricular activities.

All in all the video is a great example of the relationship between a father and a son. Brian is with his son building a foundation for his future and guiding him through these ever so important early years of his life.

Watch the video below.


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