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I have been a HUGE fan of the HBO series “The Wire”. Even though the show no longer airs, I own every single DVD and can recite every episode word for word.

While looking around on the net today I was shocked to see that one of the stars of the critically acclaimed show has a rap video…and even MORE to my surprise was the fact that the video was about Fatherhood! Man talk about something making my day…This right here gave me everything I need to make it through this cold North Carolina day LOL.

Tray Chaney who played the character Poot on The Wire is expressing his passion for parenting and fatherhood in the new video. I was shocked that someone who played a street corner drug dealer on the show could so eloquently express his feelings on fatherhood.

I hit up his twitter page and saw that the video is getting a lot of press around the internet.

Stuff like this is just good for the spirit! Good fathers who are active in their kids life do exist and I’m glad that brothers like Tray are out here letting the world know…SALUTE!


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  1. The hook on this song is powerful. I’d be interested to see the reaction of an absent father (I don’t like using the term “deadbeat”) after listening. Tray said he’d rather not live then to not play his full role as his son’s pops! I think this concept is true for all responsible fathers out there. I really hope this song makes its way to the ears of absent fathers out there. Not to kick them while they’re down. But to let them know that they can get back up and play a role in their child’s life. Death is the only thing that should stop you…

  2. Tracy-

    I looked at your video. I was impressed with the positive message that you portrayed but I think that you missed something.

    There is more to the process of parenting that just stepping up to the plate. A man is influenced by his life experiences and the role models he has in their lives.

    I have been providing the Best Practice Men, Infants, and Children Male Parenting Program for the past eleven (11) years. The basic concept of the class is to fix the “Broken Heart” of the man, and then the man will be able to make the transition from manhood to fatherhood.

    You see Tracy; it takes more to be a father in today’s world. Men have been severely impacted by the lack of role models or poor role models in their lives. Therefore, the pain of their childhood is the only thing that they have to bring to the table of fatherhood.

    They are the “Broken Hearted” children who did not have a father in their lives, and now that they have children they are trying to give something they do not have. That is what causes the frustration in men because they do not realize that they cannot give away what they do not have. This is not an issue of a “Dead Beat Dad”; it is an issue of a “Beat Down Men”. A man that is trying to do the right thing, but has not had the support of a parenting program for men. This helps them to identify their own pain and short comings. Once a man is taught and understands the “Broken Heart “ concept, he more than steps up, he now is able to identify that he is that child that did not get what all children need which is a positive role model, love, security, and support.

    This applies to both men and women. Many couples have “Broken Hearts” and they are trying to fix each other. They continue to propitiate dysfunctional relationships in the new generation of children they create.

    I have the proven answer.

    You fix the broken heart of the man, and the man fixes the family. If there is any way possible that we can meet or talk on the phone; because of your public image and dedication to positive father parenting I think it would be beneficial to all the men and women who are out there suffering and looking for an answer.

    Please visit my web site at and click on the Male Program Videos tab to see what programs we are providing for men.

    Thank you for all you do to carry the message to fathers.

    Tom Grayson – Founder, Executive Director

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